The borderless band of musical nomads

Musing is the ignition of a new live music ecosystem, devoted to support in real life musical connections among artists/performers, event arrangers and all lovers of music alike. 

The first Musing app Musing Live is now released as a testable beta for iOS and Android, with the purpose of progressively develop the app together with our community into a first digital infrastructure for the borderless Musing band, which will be launched in spring 2019.

Musing stems from a reflection on what creates musical value for people, and is connected to muse, a source for musical inspiration, originating from the Greek word mousiké, encompassing all performing arts.

The basis for music is a network of cultural influences, roots originating from our common cultural heritage and reaching towards the future of musical creation.

With our modern worlds rapid changes following economic, technological and environmental developments, we have to acknowledge that these musical roots need to be maintained and nurtured to ensure that the musical culture which we all need continues to be lively and developing.

The natural spaces for live-music in the modern cities around the world are rapidly being reshaped due to causes such as increasing rents and gentrification, resulting in the need for new infrastructure creating the spaces needed by people for musical interactions to take place.

Musing is our way to contribute in building this needed new infrastructure, as a digital platform intimately connected to real world musical interactions among people.